Wide Wooden Rosewood Bangle

Product Description

Spice up your look with these handmade and eco-friendly rosewood bangles. Worn alone or as sets, these well finished, smooth to feel bangles are sure to be a hit!

These bangles are handmade by artisans from El Remante, Guatemala. These artisans and conservationists work with pre-fallen trees and judiciously use one tree, per artisan, per year. The community is committed to saving the beautiful rainforests and the wildlife in their region.

Each piece is handmade, so slight variations may occur. Inside diameter measures Inside diameter measures 2-1/16" to 2-1/2" by 5/8" to 3/4" high.

About 20 years back in El Remante, a small village in Gutemala, the local farmers practiced slash and burn agriculture. Each farmer used, on average, five hectares of forest per year, which only generated a very low income. A movement began in the local village, an alternative to the destructive farming method. Started by Rolando Soto and his brothers, the community engages in making beautiful sculptures from pre-fallen trees. Committed to the movement, each artisan uses one tree, per year. They utilize each and every part of the tree, making optimum use of this precious resource, earning a better income, conserving vital forestland and protecting local biodiversity.

The Maya Biosphere Reserve, where these artisans source their woods, including rosewood, jobillo and hormigo, is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable management. This means one can trace back the wood used from the reserve, which has been legally acquired, and is sustainable to the forestland.

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