Recycled Glass Rings and Things Earrings - Orange, Yellow and Red

Recycled Glass Rings and Things Earrings - Orange, Yellow and Red
Product Description

The "sea glass" used in these earrings is actually recycled glass, created from  stained glass remnants, broken bottles, and beads. The glass is broken, formed and finished by hand, then tumbled with genuine beach sand, gravel, and salt water to replicate the roll of ocean waves.

Absolutely no acids or chemical washes were used in the production of these earrings.

These earrings measure approx. 1.5" and the sterling silver hooks are made entirely from reclaimed silver.

The earring and story cards are printed locally, from locally sourced recycled paper, and are printed with soy-based inks.

Made with USA sourced materials and hand-crafted in the Outer Banks, NC.



We are a small company of women, and all jewelry designs in our collection are American handcrafted by several talented artisans.

The glass we use in our designs at Sand Sea Sun is primarily recycled glass. We collect bottles & stained glass remnants from local restaurants, bars, stained glass facilities and dump sites that normally would be sent to landfills, and turn the glass into an integral part of our designs. Truly, trash to treasure!

The sterling silver we use is entirely reclaimed. Using reclaimed metals is an extremely important environmental step as it significantly reduces the demand for newly mined ore. Metal mining is the dirtiest industry in the world, and in the US alone it is responsible for 28 percent of all toxic emissions, including cyanide, mercury and sulfuric acid. Mining of all types are terribly destructive to the environment, and overseas mining is often associated with unethical labor practices. Also, the reclaimed silver we use is manufactured in the USA, in highly controlled refineries dedicated to ethical and eco-friendly operations, making the labor and manufacturing of the material exceed fair trade & environmental guidelines. A bonus of using reclaimed sterling silver is that while the silver is exactly the same as newly mined material (.925), modern processes and alloys actually make this product tarnish at a slower pace!



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