Printed Natural Cork Coasters - Live Local

Product Description

Spruce up your table with this sustainable and eco-friendly set of 6 cork coasters!

The Live Local set features suggestions on the back of each coaster about local and eco-friendly living.

Why Cork? Cork is sustainable and plentiful. Cork trees are harvested every 9 years by peeling the outside layers of bark from the tree. The cork tree quickly regenerates its bark, and the tree never needs to be cut down. Each tree lives an average of 150 years!

Cork is also recyclable and completely biodegradable, reducing waste in landfills.

Cork forests sustain ecosystems around the globe, and provide a permanent habitat for local and endangered wildlife. The harvesting and maintaining of cork forests also produces reliable and sustainable income for local workers. In Portugal alone, cork forests provide employment to more than 100,000 people.

USA Made in Chicago, IL.



Corkology has been manufacturing and working with cork since 1947. They've taken the great eco-properties that cork inherently offers and applied elegant design principles to make it shine.

Everything they design and supply is made just outside of Chicago, IL. Being sustainable doesn't have to equal being expensive. It's their philosophy that the more reasonable the price, the more people with become sustainable.

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