Maple Landmark Maple Teether - Tooth

Maple Landmark Maple Teether - Tooth
Product Description

Maple Landmark's natural teethers are the perfect answer to concerns over toxic chemicals and finishes.

This maple teether is rounded and water-sanded smooth to the touch and is gentle on the mouth and gums. Measuring about 4" in diameter on the sides and 3/4" thick, it's large enough for babies to get their hands around but small enough to be comfortable in the mouth.

Completely unfinished- no waxes, dyes or coatings.

USA Made in Vermont.


Maple Landmark Guarantee:

If at any time your product breaks for any reason, it may be returned to Maple Landmark (postage paid) for repair / replacement.



Our area has a long history in the wood products industry. From the mills built by the early settlers to the furniture and novelty factories of the 1900's. It is only fitting that we combine history and local resources to continue the tradition.

Doing business locally means working with people you know and trust. Both parties, and the community, have a stake in a successful relationship. The economic power of doing business locally is not to be ignored. Money spent creates more jobs and gives people more spending power. In short, what goes around, comes around.

At Maple Landmark, we take doing business locally seriously. From the services we hire, to our banking relationship, to our material sourcing, the nearer, the better. Where we can, components come from local companies. We succeed to the point that only about 1% of our budget goes to purchase foreign-sourced items.



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