Frog Bib - 100% Organic Cotton

Frog Bib - 100% Organic Cotton
Product Description

This super soft and absorbent embroidered animal pal bib is perfect for protecting clothes!

Made with terry knit. Fits sizes 3-18m. Made with the finest 100% GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton.

Washer and dryer safe. Hook and loop (Velcro-style) closure.

  • Fair Trade Certified (FLO)
  • Grown in Egypt
  • Hand-picked Cotton
  • Non-toxic, metal free dyes
  • Environmentally Friendly Production
  • BPA Free
  • No Flame Retardants, Fragrance or Formaldehyde



Under the Nile was founded in 1998 by Janice and Mohamed Masoud and quickly grew to become a leader in the organic cotton industry.

The idea for Under the Nile was born when Janice realized that she was having a hard time finding real organic cotton baby clothing. She worried about the harm that could be done to a growing child by the chemicals and pesticides used in regular cotton.

As an Egyptian, Mohamed was familiar with the thousands-year-old tradition of cotton production in Egypt. Long before the time of the Roman Empire, Egyptian cotton was known as the finest crop in the world.

The next step was to find a partner in Egypt that mirrored their own values. A company who believed in high quality products, concern for the environment, and ethical business practices.

That partner is SEKEM, an award-winning initiative that supports a wealth of transformative programs in the aid of environmental health, cultural support and economic development. To this day all Under the Nile products are sourced exclusively from SEKEM.

This means you're guaranteed not only wonderful, practical and affordable products for you and your baby but also that:

  • Everything is made from 100% handpicked organic Egyptian cotton
  • Cotton is planted and harvested using earth-friendly, biodynamic agricultural methods
  • The farms and production facilities are all Fair Trade Certified
  • The Initiative emphasizes education for its employees and their children, along with good working conditions and fair pay

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