Handcrafted Artisan Recycled Glass and Pottery Necklace - Ocean Sunset

Handcrafted Artisan Recycled Glass and Pottery Necklace - Ocean Sunset
Product Description

Sustainable, artisan and eco-friendly all combine beautifully in this stunning pendant!

Each piece is individually crafted from salvaged glass (from beer bottles, wine bottles, and discarded roadside glass) that has been carefully nestled within kiln-fired glazed pottery.  The magnificent result is a piece that resembles a geode, but with more light-catching effects!

No two pieces are exactly alike as each is made individually by hand. The piece you receive will be very similar to the image you see, with the same glass color.

The oval pendants measure approximately 1.5 inches x 1.25 inches and hang from a 16 inch sterling silver snake chain.


Celebrating nearly 15 years in business, Paloma Pottery was born from a strong inclination to reduce, reuse and recycle, inspiring artist and owner Nicole Whitney to combine broken pottery pieces into her pottery.

She starts by foraging beaches, trails and roadsides for discarded glass, beer, and wine bottles.

Breaking and crushing the glass is next, and then she infuses the glass into her handcrafted pieces. Into the kiln they go, where heat, glass, pottery and glaze work their magic, transforming old, discarded glass into new sparkling and unique pieces.


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