Bambu Natural Cork Coffee and Pint Sleeve

Bambu Natural Cork Coffee and Pint Sleeve
Product Description

Get a grip!

Great for hot drinks or a cold pint, this eco-chic sleeve is made of sustainable cork fabric. A simple way to reduce daily paper waste.

Because harvesting cork does not harm the tree, it is a perfect renewable natural resource.  You’ll love the gentle hand feel!  Stash a cork sleeve in your car, backpack, handbag, or pocket and be ready for your next hot drink or cold pint on the run.

Measures 3 1/4" in diameter.

Hand wash and wipe dry.



Born in Portland, Oregon.  Proudly made in China.

We come from a place that prides itself on local, homegrown, and eco-friendly values.

We relocated to a place that's often criticized for its manufacturing processes.

We thought to ourselves, "How can we infuse the best of Portland with the native resources endemic to China?

Several years later, our small production and development team continues to design local products that we proudly share with the rest of the world. We are a local company. We source our materials locally. We work with local woodworkers, weavers and stitchers.

For us, sustainability goes well beyond the balance between what we take from the earth and what we return to it.

It's a philosophy that applies to how we conduct ourselves as a business. We make strides to further our commitment to 3rd-party certification and testing, promote fair labor practices and safe working conditions, and green our supply chain.


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