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10 Eco-Friendly Ways to Upcycle Your Favorite T Shirt 0

We love t-shirts. They are our go-to comfort clothes.

They remind us of that amazing trip to the beach we took years ago, or the night our favorite band kept us on our feet for hours.

Well-worn and well-loved tshirts are hard to part with, even after we accidentally shrink them in the laundry, ruin them with unsightly mustard stains, or wear holes straight through them.

It's because we cherish that summer at camp, and that local record shop that went out of business years ago, and the outdoor food and wine festival where we met our significant other. No matter what we put them through, we just can't part with them.

Here are 10 great ideas for "upcycling" those old shirts into something new and saving those incredible memories. (And upcycling is earth-friendly, too!) Click on the images below for DIY tutorials.

Turn your favorite tees into a lightweight scarf.



Make a T Shirt Quilt.



Turn your favorite T Shirts into fabulous throw pillows!



Easily transform a shirt into bike shorts...


Or into a fab new skirt...


Or even an amazing maxi-dress!


Change the style of an over-sized tee into a cute Peplum top.





How about a funky ruffled bag?

Or a no-sew grocery tote?


 We just love this tote bag tutorial.

Do you have a clever way to upcycle or reuse favorite t-shirts? We'd love to hear about it!

Happy upcycling!