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Fun Summertime Eco-Crafts for Kids 0


Summer is in full swing, we wanted to share some of our favorite ideas for fun and earth-friendly kid's crafts. Using recycled and upcycled materials is a great way to save money while teaching your little "greenies"  how to re-purpose items and cut down on waste.  With a bit of creativity they can truly turn trash into treasure!
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Do-It-Yourself Moss Terrarium



We just love this eco-craft from Parent Pretty! It's a great way to teach kids about how an ecosystem works, and half the fun is going out together in nature (or even your own backyard) to gather the "ingredients."  Use an old candle jar, mason jar, or any glass container with a lid.



Key Wind Chime



We all have that one junk drawer filled with whatnots, and there's usually a handful of old keys lurking at the bottom. Inner Child Giving shared this neat idea for reusing old keys and turning them in a cool wind chime. Got other stuff hiding in that junk drawer? We think that spoons and forks, non-refillable plastic pens, dice and dominoes, and even bottle-caps would all make fabulous wind chimes!


Recycled Egg Carton Flower Fairies



How sweet are these little fairies? All you need is a wooden bead, some egg cartons, a bit of paint, and a little bit of creative magic! We think these would also make lovely Christmas tree ornaments.  Find the full tutorial here from Cucicucicoo.


 Egg Carton Animal Noses



Here's another great egg carton idea from Baby Jungle. You can use all of the sections of an egg carton to create different animal noses, or even comical human noses. They would also be a great starting point for this year's Halloween costume.


Paper Pulp Pendants



Don't throw away those crepe paper streamers and wads of tissue paper from your little greenie's birthday party. Turn them into little pieces of wearable art instead! Babble Dabble Do shared this neat tutorial that is both easy to make and also incredibly durable.  You can make all kinds of fun shapes from reusable ice cube molds from your local craft store.


Cardboard Box Airplane



How much fun is this? PBS shared detailed instructions and a video about how to construct this super eco-friendly airplane! And with some markers and paint, your little aviator could have hours of fun customizing it.


Cardboard Box Dollhouse


Here's another great idea for upcycling cardboard boxes. This dollhouse could be fully customizable, with colorful drawings inside and out. Each room could be illustrated with beds and couches and tables, or your little greenie could craft some furniture out of recycled paper, egg cartons, plastic jugs, and more! A big thanks to Mycakies for this wonderful set of instructions.


Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder




The Creative Cubby shared this super easy nature craft made from popsicle sticks, and summer is the perfect time to save up those sticks and reuse them for a great project! It could even be customized with soy-based paints and stains.


Homemade Play Dough



Did you know that you can create your own play dough with just a few simple ingredients from your kitchen? With just some flour, salt, water and food coloring, you and your greenie can share hours of fun cooking up some eco-friendly dough. Best of all, it stays good for months! Check out this simple recipe at Jamie Cooks It Up.


Milk Jug Sun Catchers and Butterflies




Milk jugs are so versatile, and can be used to make an array of eco-friendly kid's crafts. One of our favorite ideas is from Alpha Mom, who offers ingenious step-by-step instructions for creating lovely sun catchers. You can help your little ones cut out shapes (or let them do it with safety scissors) and then they can create their own window art, or even trace their favorite images from a book and color it in. So many possibilities!


Milk Jug Garden



There are tons of super cute variations all over the internet for crafting your own milk jug planters, but we are just in love with these clever foxes! Milk jug planters are a super-easy project... all you need is an empty milk jug (you can also use empty laundry detergent or vinegar bottles) and some markers or paint.  It's easy to punch holes through the plastic if you'd like hanging pots, or you could leave the handles attached and hollow out the front for planting, and then slip a heavy dowel rod or thin board through the handles. (We've included extra pics below for more ideas.)  To craft these fox planters, check out this DIY from Green Villages.


More Planters:


We hope these ideas have inspired you as much as they inspire us. We'd love to hear about your eco-friendly kid's crafts, or see photos of their creations.  Happy green crafting!